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E-Commerce Web Design

Any business can greatly benefit from the professional design of a website, but e-commerce web design is a necessity for those that operate fully online.

The look, feel, and user-friendliness of a website all contribute to the number of users who will interact with and browse your site. The goal should be to keep them on and looking as long as possible, and the way to do this is by using a skilled and experienced e-commerce web design pro to create your website.

By giving consumers an easy-to-use site that is still both digestible and engaging, you ensure a pleasant user experience. People don’t want to suffer through using a slow website that requires too much work to navigate.

A number of factors in layout and design must be fully considered. Since e-commerce business’ storefronts are their websites, the proper technical aspects of web design are even more detrimental to the success of the store.

Seasoned professionals specializing in e-commerce web design can not only make you a solid website, but optimize its technical aspects to rank it higher on relevant search engine result pages.

Here at 11 Marketing + Design, our professionals are fully educated in efficient SEO techniques and work with a variety of e-commerce website hosting platforms designed to best suit specific industries and markets.

Online shopping has and continues to gain popularity making it a low cost way to run a business
Custom E-Commerce Web Design for your Business

Web Design for Online Stores

land a good first impression

First impressions matter. Even if made based on split second judgements.

Research has shown just how important first impressions can be. A study published by ResearchGate showed 94% of participants made judgements about a business based on the design and layout of their website.

With new businesses showing up everyday, your e-commerce web design must beat out all of the competition if you care to last.

Stand out from the crowd

Unless you are lucky enough to be offering products that are scarce, there will always be another business offering the same thing, so why should anyone buy from you?

E-commerce web design that keeps the end user in mind is the best way to retain website visitors and guide them to the checkout.  

The overall look of the website will be up against everyone’s personal judgement, so as long as you know the design works for a majority of consumers, the only thing you have to worry about is navigation and SEO.

A website built with exceptional SEO by a distinguished web designer will give you something to stand out with. 

User friendliness is key

Almost every aspect of web design focuses on the user experience and it is probably pretty easy to guess why. Your website should serve as a guide and be as fluid in navigation as possible, so that you can lead visitors where they need to go. Consumers want to be pointed in the right direction, so utilize their willingness to be guided by including relevant links and easy to see buttons.

Since the rise of using mobile phones to shop online, this has become more prominent than ever. Smaller screen sizes of different proportions have given rise to the challenge of designing websites that can accommodate access through a smartphone.. Responsive web design will ensure this across all Internet accessible devices.

When you hire a professional web designer who can properly incorporate responsivity into the technological structure of your website, you can maximize accessibility providing a pleasant interaction for users. Better interactions mean more engagement.

Stay true to your brand

People like authenticity and the more consistent you are with your brand across different platforms, the more credible you will appear.

The specific design of your e-commerce website and content on social media will need to correlate with the products you are selling or services you are offering to accurately convey your brand to your audience.

The color scheme you choose to use in your logo should be the one you choose to use in every other aspect of your marketing strategy as well as on your website. Colors are also used to emit a response from viewers or convey some type of emotion so using the universal color theory when deciding on what colors to use to represent your business can benefit you.

be easy to find

Increasing your SEO efforts so that you are easily findable is the first step to take in setting up an online store.

Before you can actually sell your product, you must first attract a customer base. You can do this by investing in professional search engine optimization techniques that will put you in a better position on search engine results pages and get you found.

Having the content published on your website and in product descriptions relevant to common searches accompanied by optimal technological structure can make you rank higher on Google. By increasing your reach and discoverability, you will be able to sell to a bigger audience.

Are you ready to start selling online?

We have a lot of experience with building online shops, online courses, and other subscription-based sites. If you need help with your next online store idea, feel free to reach out and we can help you along this journey.

What are the benefits of E-Commerce?

With a physical storefront, some business owners might not see the use in selling their products online. Just because you sell online does not mean you can’t still have a store, it just gives consumers a more convenient way to buy from you.

The benefits of e-commerce are extensive and if you aren’t utilizing selling your products online, you are hindering the overall success of your business.

Quick and convenient

Catering to your customers is always a good look and helping them to cut back on the time it takes to find what they’re looking for through an online store will only make you look better.

People seem to be busy all the time now. Going to the store is just one more thing taking up their valuable time. Picking through crowded isles and shelves is not too many people’s preferred way of shopping.

Being able to easily scroll through pages on their mobile device to search for particular items allows consumers to buy things from you with the click of a button. If you provide a more favorable way for them to buy things from you, you are only making their life easier which will keep them coming back.

Having an online store bring its own set of benefits to the table

Sell to More People

By putting your products up for sale through your website, you can reach a much larger audience than just your local community. Business owners who only market and sell to those within proximity are severely missing out on heaps of sales opportunities. By not maximizing your business through the use of e-commerce, you are limiting the amount of success you could potentially experience.

Broadening your reach by turning your website into an e-commerce store is a great way to pull in new customers.

Less cost and more profit

Business owners love to cut costs to enjoy more profit, but it can be difficult to find moral ways to do so. An ethical approach to this that allows you to see a greater profit while spending less is to start-up an e-commerce store.

A physical storefront requires a building in which your business can be housed. This cost business owners a considerable amount of money by requiring regular rent and bill payments.

You also need to keep up with the appearance and maintenance of your store as well as hire employees to run it. E-commerce websites bypass all of these extra expenses. There are no employees to pay, no rental costs, and no physical upkeep required.

Implementing proper SEO into the your e-commerce web design allows for a wider reach

SEO for E-commerce Web Design

If your e-commerce website isn’t attracting any visitors and you solely operate on the web, then your business is doomed to fail. How can you expect to sell anything if you can’t even get people to visit your online store? Getting the word out is essential for any business model to work, whether fully run through e-commerce or managed in a physical store.

Constant updates in the algorithms of search engines and boundless industry lingo can make mastering SEO an endless pain. There are plenty of solutions to maximize your SEO efforts to make your online store exceedingly discoverable.

When you can accurately pinpoint the relevant words to include in your product descriptions, you can capitalize on being one of the top results to appear when people search for those products.

Collaborating with outside sources who can link your products will enlarge the number of backlinks to your site and as a result will increase your discoverability.

Shopify Websites

For many e-commerce projects, 11 Marketing + Design uses a program called Shopify to help us build websites dedicated to e-commerce. This platform gives businesses a simple and convenient way to carry out transactions, market and ship products, and engage with customers.

The multifaceted nature of Shopify makes it one of the best platforms to host an e-commerce website. With the use of an online editor, Shopify allows users to build different pages on a site and customize them with ease while providing a productive way to incorporate relevant, local language.

Finding the perfect site to host your online store can be a hassle, but Shopify acts as a one-stop-shop for all your e-commerce needs.

With marketing tools built into its program, Shopify is a cost-efficient solution to manage and launch a start-up. It gives business owners a way to customize and edit URLs, meta descriptions, and page titles, and includes features to redirect, hide and publish certain webpages. It also allows you to link your social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter which increases opportunities for engagement.

The technical aspects of Shopify are just as impressive. Something especially detrimental in the amount of visitors your website retains is how quick every function loads. One of the top reasons people choose to leave a website is because of slow loading times. Shopify offers a quick way for customers to submit payments and purchase products through the technical mechanisms it features.

We understand the ins and outs of creating an enticing e-commerce website at 11 Marketing + Design. Call us for the design, optimization, and creation of your online store and watch it climb to the top.

E-commerce is a cost efficient way to sell more products to your customers