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A website is an online hub for businesses. When people click into your website, you want them to stay on it as long as possible and engage with as much as they can.

People are judgmental. That isn’t meant to be an insult, but it is a fact. Whether we want to or not, we make judgements about things that we perceive. It’s a natural part of being a human.

This judgement people hold can work in your favor if you take your website design seriously and let someone who truly knows what they’re doing to craft it.

It takes less than one full second for someone to form an opinion about a website once they open it. On top of that, 94% of people will judge your business based on whether or not your web design is appealing and easily digestible.

You better be giving them something to good look at, otherwise they’ll see what your competitors have to offer.

Show off what you have to offer with professional web design

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We can help you in your journey.

As a matter of fact, we help a ton of clients better understand the online marketing ecosystem and how it can be leveraged to not only sustain your business, but help it thrive. Set up a FREE consult and we’ll be happy to show you just exactly how an online presence could best serve your business.

Custom Website Design for your Business

You Need a Professional Web Designer

If you are considering a professional for your website design, you are already one step ahead of the game.

The business owners who invest in their web design and see the value a professional website can bring to their companies are some of the top competitors in their area. A good web design encompasses all the best SEO practices.

Web design encompasses a wide range of skills and knowledge. Online tutorials or a quick read about the basics of web design will not be sufficient enough for someone to thoroughly and professionally develop a website. A website is only useful if people can easily find it and aren’t tempted to hit the back button once they enter.

Hiring a professional web designer will be of greater use than if you take a stab at it yourself or confide in someone who doesn’t know what they’re actually doing. When you go with a pro, you can relax knowing that everything is going to be thoroughly taken care of and designed in the most optimal fashion.

Not everyone has an eye for design and when it comes to your website, you have very limited time to make an impression on a visitor. Your website must be designed to engage a user quickly and tempt them into staying. It also must be formatted in a satisfying layout so that users can navigate it with ease. A professional web designer will know the perfect places to input the menu and various other buttons on your site.


Be accurately represented

Consumers will make assumptions about the credibility of a business based on the design of its website. In fact, it only takes 50 milliseconds for a person to form a first impression of your business based on the layout and attractiveness of your website design. This means you could be losing potential clients to a poorly constructed website.

Just think about it. When you come across a website that is outdated or severely lacking in visual appeal, what are some of the first things you think about that business? You probably would find yourself questioning the products or services they offer, or how legit the business is.

In fact, you’d probably leave the site altogether and look to their competitors to find what you are in search of. A neatly and visually appealing website will increase the amount of warm leads your business receives and encourage more of your target audience to interact with you.

Why you should consider a web designer

You’d think setting up a website would be an easy step in the business building game, but you would be surprised what a task it can be.

While there are options to follow YouTube tutorials, they are basic and will not give the benefit of consulting with a professional. Web design encompasses a wide range of skills and talents in order to execute the building of a good, solid website. Some web designers might choose to take on the task all by themselves, but a lot of times there is a team working collaboratively in order to create the most appealing and searchable website possible.

Searchability is a huge factor when it comes to how much traffic is directed to your site. Investing in proven SEO practices will solve this problem and increase the amount of eyes that see you.

Let them Judge

You always hear the quote “don’t judge a book by its cover,” but when has anyone ever been able to stop themselves from drawing conclusions because of what they perceive?

It is in our natural instincts to judge things based on what we see, so when people visit your website, they will undoubtedly jump to conclusions about your business by making judgements based on the content included in your website.

Consciously or not, humans are exceedingly reactionary to what is seen more than what is heard or read. Humans are extremely visual creatures with half of our brain’s function being dedicated to the processing and analysis of the visual information we perceive.

Being able to peak the interest of a consumer and hold their attention will best be done through images, graphics, or any other kind of visual element. This will also give your business the benefit of being more memorable giving consumers a better recall of what you do.

Google trends shows a 9900% increase in the use of visuals and graphics on the Internet since 2007. Business owners who are keen to this fact can use it to their advantage by creating, or hiring someone to create, compelling graphics to represent their business and attract customers.

At 11 Marketing, we know that good web design that includes captivating visuals will draw in users and help persuade them to engage with your website on a regular basis. We understand just how powerful a tool web design can be to excite your audience and encourage their business.

See your profits soar with professional web design for your business

Where can I find someone to build me a website?

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Use responsive web design to make your website fit to screens of any size

Responsive Website Design

With the creation of the World Wide Web came a whole new way to distribute information through the use of a computer.

As technology advances, more and more devices are being produced that connect to the Internet.
Before the consistent production of new Internet accessible technology, web designers only had to take the way a website appeared to a computer user into account when developing a website.

Today, the process is much more complex. Websites need to be tailored to display information in an easy to digest way that will retain more users.

There are a variety of smartphones and tablets available on the market today that differ in screen size and proportion. A website must be able to accommodate each one of these devices so that people using them can easily and efficiently interact with it.

The way to do this is with responsive design. The responsiveness of a website correlates with how well it appears on the screens of different devices.

If your website is designed to display information that is readable on every screen, you position yourself to tackle a wider market of consumers.

Websites that are not made this way will be difficult to navigate and actually result in a loss of traffic.

Google likes to reward websites that load quicker, are easier to navigate, and are accessible to everyone, so by implementing a responsive web design in its creation, you will increase SEO.

ADA Compliant Websites

In 1990, the Americans with Disabilities Act was signed into law and advocates for and ensures the equal treatment of those with disabilities. With the creation of the Internet came a new way for those with disabilities to be discriminated against, and 20 years after the ADA became law, the US Department of Justice published a list of guidelines applicable to Internet accessibility. Websites that are used to represent businesses and government institutions as well as entities funded by the government are legally obligated to be accessible to everyone and follow the ADA compliant guidelines outlined by the federal government.

While websites aren’t necessarily regulated by the government to ensure ADA compliance, there has been a vast increase in the number of lawsuits brought against businesses and companies that do not comply with ADA guidelines.

To avoid this kind of legal trouble, we keep track of updates and other things that could interfere with the accessibility of your website. The program we use caters to technology such as screen readers that help people who suffer from blindness navigate the web. Including alternative text on pictures posted to your website is one way to accommodate screen readers so that they can communicate to the user what the picture consists of.

Websites are required to be ADA compliant
Online stores need professional e-commerce web design

E-Commerce / Shopify Websites

Selling your products or services online is a great way to expand the reach of your business. You may own a physical storefront or office where customers can pay you a visit in person, but a lot of people prefer to do their shopping online. To better accommodate those customers, creating a website designed specifically for e-commerce will go a long way in their satisfaction.

An e-commerce website allows business owners to cut operating costs, increase the amount of sales transactions that take place, and grow profit margins. Websites designed for e-commerce help employ strategies to retain users and keep them engaged for a higher conversion rate. They also provide valuable insights into customers’ habits on your site so you can improve whatever isn’t working to engage consumers in an even better user experience.

By using a website to facilitate the sale of your products and services, you open up doors to a whole new range of benefits. Customers don’t have to wait for your storefront to be open to buy things from you and you can manage business at any time from anywhere. It also gives you a better way to gauge the products that are selling more successfully and those that aren’t so you can more accurately determine the trends of your business.


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