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Running a business requires a great deal of attention and time. Launching a start-up can be an even more demanding endeavor that can make it hard to prioritize the necessary aspects of starting a business.

A business owners time is extremely valuable, yet on top of the many other facets, the responsibility of letting the world know about a business falls to the owner.

Relieving oneself of this duty is simple: hand it off to a professional. Someone with adequate knowledge and skill can tailor your website to include local SEO strategies that are well worth the investment.

Hustling ain’t easy, but we’re here to help.

Advancements in technology have led to the creation of a number of new ways to promote a business making it difficult to predict the next trend.

With the creation of social media brought about the use of paid ads, influencer promotions, and enticing posts to advertise. Social media is so useful because it puts a sense of personality behind your business, something most consumers want to see.

Creating engaging content that your followers want to share with their followers will increase your reach even farther, and drive more traffic to your pages. Who doesn’t want more eyes coming across their business?

As a proven method of driving business, there is no question as to why anyone would want to employ this strategy, but staying educated on new trends and keeping up with posts can be a challenge in itself.

A lot of business owners have taken on social media managers or hired agencies to take care of their presence on different platforms which gives them to time to focus on more important matters.

We use relevant, local SEO tactics to place your website in a top position
Local SEO will be profitable for longer than other marketing strategies

Local SEO is a gold mine

Social media is a fairly new tool among other marketing strategies. The constant development of new technologies will continue to determine which are the most effective.

Something that will always persist among society is the conventionality of the Internet. Google’s ability to almost instantly deliver hundreds of thousands of resources when asked a question will never go out of style.

Using this convenience to your advantage is the secret to becoming a top competitor in your service area. Investing in local SEO efforts is a surefire way to drive business. Top ranking companies know this and are more than willing to budget for it.

Local SEO is a proven way to drive a consistent flow of business to your door by targeting your physical community. Going up in rank can take some time, but once you reach the top, you won’t be questioning the power of the Internet.

How do people find local businesses?

Picture this: you’re sitting at home, scrolling through Facebook when you see the local weather station reporting a bad hailstorm heading your way.

Oh no! The last time there was a hailstorm it beat your roof up really bad. You’ll want to get a jump on finding a contractor to either repair or replace your roof in the shortest timeframe possible.

Where do you turn?

Most people keep their mobile phones somewhere readily accessible making it that much easier to find answers to sudden questions or inquiries.

Searching Google for a local roofer would be most people’s go-to move which is most likely what you would do, too.

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Which companies are you looking at?

Studies show over 90% of people will skip the scrolling and click on one of the first three options. The first options shown will be the one’s they will give their attention to.

Google Business Profile listings that are optimized and appear in a top spot appear more credible to consumers therefore garnering the majority of attention and bringing in the most business.

People want to be guided in the right direction and by using local SEO, you can lead them straight to you with no effort. High rankings are the key to transforming interested consumers into satisfied customers.


percent of people won’t look past the top 3 listings

How do small businesses get noticed?

Search Engine Journal conducted a study to determine the channel of marketing that produces the greatest return on investment.

Almost half of the responding participants in the study said appearing to consumers making organic searches was their top way to bring in business.

Organic searches occur when someone is looking for something specific, but doesn’t know where to find it.

For example, if a person wants a burger, but is in an area they aren’t familiar with, they might search “burger places near me” on Google.

Google will then respond by showing them a list of places to go. Higher ranked establishment will bring in the most customers because being at the top will give the impression they are the best.

Organic searches on Google account for almost 60% of the web traffic in the world. A hefty amount of searches made are dedicated to finding local businesses.

Positioning your website to rank in one of the top three search engine results will be of greatest benefit since users rarely go past the first page to find what they’re looking for.

People want to find what they are looking for, and they want to find it quick. Using local SEO strategies to rank your business as a top competitor will give you credibility and result in more traffic to your site.

More eyes on your website = more opportunities to make a sale.

Focus on your market

Small businesses need to utilize the same tools larger ones would to expand their reach, but something often overlooked in this pursuit is their local market.

The last thing you want to do is turn your attention away from the surrounding community. It is easy to see why businesses that do this tend to fail.

Building relationships with other business owners and local residents in your community gives you the opportunity to form a solid foundation to grow.

Tried and true methods of spreading flyers and displaying posters and signs will always be effective as will the use of branded promotional items, but with the development of the Internet, local SEO has made it easier to get noticed in your area and attract ready-to-buy consumers.

When people are wanting to find something, they want to find it fast. The Internet, and search engines like Google, allow for users to get almost instant results after launching a query.

Almost half of all the searches performed on Google are done to discover local business. Google reports that 76% of these searches will result in a visit and 28% of these visits will result in a purchase.

Around 95% of the time, they will just choose the first thing shown to them. Ranking in a top position is not an easy feat, especially in competitive industries, but it is necessary for a business to thrive.

The bottom line is this: increasing your local SEO efforts is the key to effortless marketing and advertising. People with full intent to purchase will be led directly to you.

How do i get help with local search engine optimization?

It’s as simple as reaching out to us through the site, emailing us, or calling. We have a way of future-proofing your local seo so future updates aren’t as likely to leave you in the dust. This service paired with Google Business optimization is a win/win for any business that relies on local search results for success. 

How can I reach more local customers?

The possibilities are vast. Any number of things can increase your reach with your local customer base.

Networking and social events are great ways to meet more people in your area, and it’s never a bad idea to develop valuable, personal connections with others. What makes local SEO the go-to practice to bring in more customers is the fact that people with full intent to purchase the product or service you provide will be guided to your business through organic searches.

Mobile is the new way to search & shop

A super important aspect that anyone incorporating SEO into their business’ marketing strategy needs to keep in mind is the quickly rising popularity of smartphone usage among consumers to look up recommendations, read reviews, and make purchases.

Google reported that more shoppers than ever are using their mobile devices to find local businesses in their area. When consumers are wanting to purchase something, but don’t have a certain brand or business in mind, they will turn to search engines, most popularly Google, to look for recommendations. Business websites that are positioned at the top of relevant SERPs will generate the most traffic to their websites as a result of these searches.

As we’ve noted before, there are a few different ways to improve the local SEO efforts of any business. Ensuring a mobile friendly website, meaning it appears nicely on a mobile device, is a great way to increase SEO efforts.

Integrating responsive design into a website is the best way to make it pleasantly viewable on any screen of any size. Finding a web designer who possesses the skills to make your website responsive will have a great effect on the effectiveness of your SEO. Google will rank websites that have the features to make them viewable on different screens in higher positions than ones that lack this function.

No need to fear, we are here

When it comes to local SEO, the professionals at 11 Marketing + Design hold the skills to turn your website into a success.

On top of helping with local SEO, we have an arsenal of SEO services that are sure to increase the profitability of your business. Give us a call today to discuss how we can help your business boom!