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People have been increasingly using social media as a source of entertainment, business, social interaction, and news since its creation and will continue to do so most likely for the rest of time. It should be common sense by now that using social media for your business is essential in today’s technologically savvy world.

Scrolling through different social media platforms will reveal a big number of advertising opportunities through the use of paid ads as well as business’ profiles. Companies will also pay social media influencers to advertise their products for them.

There is no question as to why social media has become such a big player in the marketing industry. A large percentage, a little more than half, of the global population is on social media, so this avenue gives you a chance to reach a large number of prospective and returning customers.

Attract more customers with social media design
Posting engaging content on social media gives your audience a chance to interact with you

Social Media Design & Management for Business Growth

People are on social media now more than ever before. Over 4 billion people are present across social media platforms and that number is expected to rise to 6 billion by 2027.

Through social media, businesses are able to directly market their products and services to their target audience. Users are spending, on average, about two and a half hours scrolling through different social media outlets.

Consumers are also increasingly turning to social media platforms like Facebook to read reviews and look for business recommendations.

A simple way to build credibility alongside customer loyalty is to showcase your business through social media design. It is also a good idea to invest in your social media management.

Social media professionals are trained to work with all the different platforms available to users. Since people are constantly bouncing around from different channels of social media, optimizing your presence on as many platforms as possible is a solid strategy.

Professionals are also equipped with the knowledge and research abilities to keep up with the latest trends and fashions so you can keep your social media design up-to-date and looking sharp.

Neglecting your social media management and your social media design is a mistake that could cost your business a significant amount of sales opportunities.

Build Brand Awareness

When you create social profiles and generate content users are drawn to and want to engage with, you are reinforcing your brand identity. Fostering a solid sense of recall in consumers will go a long way in cultivating recurring customers.

A brand needs to showcase the ideals a business holds. It needs to communicate to people what value your business brings to the table.

Posting content that is both relevant to your business and intriguing to users will be imperative to your social media design. Avoiding personal conflicts and keeping it professional is the best way to run your pages.

Social media management might be something you want to consider if you run a business by yourself. Hiring a manager to take care of the regular release of posts and materials can be a great relief to business owners who do it all themselves.

Importance of
Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness pays off in terms of market share
It is crucial to building trust with clients
It drives traffic to your website
It speeds up and increases sales

Stay Connected

Making meaningful connections with the people you are wanting to do business with can boost the reputation of your business by making customers feel valued.

Using these platforms as an avenue of communication and putting effort into building your social media presence by posting relevant and engaging content makes people see your business as more friendly and approachable.This opens the door for you to communicate with possible new clients and customers as well as nurture your relationships with current ones.

With direct messaging features, customers are able to reach out to businesses and ask questions. If there is a customer service issue with a client, they can reach out through social media to address it. To consumers, having the convenience to message a company they want to communicate with is a great advantage of social media.

Make Accurate Judgements

There is so much you can learn about your business and how the public interacts with it through your business’ social media accounts. By being able to analyze the way people respond to your brand, you can address any possible issues that might be harming the perception of your business. A good, solid reputation will benefit you even greater by creating trust amongst your audience. Trust plays a huge part in who people choose to take their business to.

There are also tools that allow you to study how effective your marketing efforts have been across these platforms. An accurate assessment of how much success you are seeing due to the avenues of marketing you use will help you to determine any weak spots that need improvement, and fortify what is already working.

Which social media is best for business?

Businesses should utilize every social media platform that is culturally relevant. Alongside commonly used outlets such as Facebook and Instagram, you should be on the social media platforms the customers you want to attract are on.

The best way to go about determining which platforms you should invest time in is by defining your target audience and researching the ones they use most.

For example, a home renovation company would benefit more from having a Pinterest account where they can post original ideas and blogs whereas a tech company would probably fit better on Reddit where they can join in on forums and discussions among specific communities.

Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook also offer their own advantages. You should be focused on engagement throughout all of your profiles, but Twitter is the best platform to have discussions with consumers because users of that platform expect interaction.

Instagram is the perfect platform to show off. By posting pictures, videos, and other content, you can form a personality for your business and captivate whoever is browsing through your content.

Broaden your reach

A huge chunk of the world’s population are connected on social media. An even larger percentage of the American population, over 80%, have social media accounts on at least one platform. This mind boggling statistic alone should motivate anyone with a business to utilize social media as a way to expand their client base.

Some social media outlets allow for better channels of engagement. Twitter, for example, is a great place to join in on people’s conversations that are relevant to your business, although this must be done with a certain approach. Unwarranted and unhelpful advice or conversations with users could potentially do more harm than good, but 93% of people on Twitter say they welcome interactions with brands.

Being present and active all necessary social media platforms will help to further broaden your reach

Want to up your social media game?

We definitely can help you get strategy sorted, develop new content, design posts, schedule them and have them ready to go. Our process allows you to relax and focus on running your business.

Managing social media is a job in itself, so hiring a social media manager is a good business move

Social Media Management

Leverage your social media accounts

A lot more goes into running a social media account for a brand than just simply posting pictures or blog posts. Don’t get me wrong, it is very important to be posting content regularly, but the upkeep of your profiles is crucial to maintain so you aren’t accidentally misleading consumers with outdated information.

Keeping an eye on any changes that may occur with your business, such as an address change, and making sure your profiles reflect that will ensure an up-to-date experience for the user and help them to interact with you more effectively.

It is also necessary to make sure you are responding to any comments made by user’s whether they are positive or not. People expect you to be addressing problems they may have experienced with your company and doing so increases your chances of keeping happy customers.

Get the most out of it

Being active on social media has a plethora of benefits for businesses. It provides an easier and more convenient way to interact with consumers and learn more about their preferences and values.

Not only will engaging with people make your business more appealing, but optimizing your profiles to include as much information as possible will boost your discoverability.

If you are wanting to get even more out of your social media presence, paid advertising is available across different platforms. Some businesses even pay or “partner” with individual content creators to promote their products or services to their followers.

One last thing you should be doing with your social media accounts is using them as a tool to measure your success in different areas. Different programs allow you to analyze the productivity of your presence and show you what you need to work on.

Put Yourself at an Advantage

Increasing the exposure of your business using social media is a very common practice these days. The convenience it allows coupled with the ability it gives users to spread information makes it a perfect outlet for marketing your business.

By including links to web pages on your business site, you grow the amount of traffic being driven to your website. There are tons of tips and tricks that you can use to improve your social media marketing efforts, but your best bet is probably going to be sticking with a professional to help you out.

Putting the time in to get the most out of your business’ social media accounts is well worth the effort.
Sometimes it is necessary to consult an expert if you aren’t seeing the results you were looking for. A well-trained social media professional can help you create engaging content for your followers, drive traffic to your website through posts, and make your brand more personal.

Let 11 Marketing + Design be the ones to take on this task, and watch how the creation and optimization of your social profiles can lead to a more reputable brand and increase your sales.

Using social media for your business is a great way to attract business