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When you want to reach a larger audience, there is no better way than by utilizing the Internet. A number of studies have shown just how effective the use of digital marketing can be for businesses looking to grow. We offer services catered to each of our clients individual needs and specialize in developing their business online for an even wider reach.

Google is the most visited website in the world making SEO one of the top methods of digital marketing among businesses.


One of the biggest ways people look for local businesses is by searching on the Internet, and according to research done by HubSpot, 75% of Internet users do not scroll past the first page of search results… ever.

What does that mean for businesses who don’t even show up on the first page?

Rarely these days can many businesses solely rely on word of mouth to survive. This is true for a few exceptions, but for the majority it’s not so easy.

The good news is that technological developments and the rise of digital marketing have made the Internet one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to reach a target market.

Competition across every market and in every industry exists. To compete, not only do businesses need their website to rank on search engine result pages (SERPs), but more importantly their Google Business Profile.

This is especially true for businesses in extremely competitive industries. By implementing a superior SEO strategy, businesses can dominate their markets.

Bring your A game

When you’re serious about being the best in the biz, implementing a digital marketing campaign complete with local SEO, technical SEO, and Google Business Profile Optimization will help you rise to the top. 

A higher rank allows business to shine in the spotlight. Google is the new way to find local businesses. People are looking to the search engine for local solutions to their problems. When they search for places to purchase what they need, you want your business to be the first one they see.

Putting yourself directly in front of consumers with an immediate need is the best way to keep the business rolling in. This is accomplished through a variety of digital marketing tactics. Optimizing both a website and Google business profile to sit at the top of locally relevant SERPs gives businesses the right of first refusal.

That’s insane! Why would anyone refuse business?

The amount of phone calls these businesses with incredible SEO receive can get overwhelming. Sometimes, SEO and other digital marketing methods can skyrocket the volume of business a company receives so rapidly that they can’t keep up.

We’ve had clients ask us to put their campaigns on hold due to having too much business generating from it. How great of a problem does that sound like having?

Broaden your audience

Google became the largest search engine in the world only two years after its creation and remains the top dog. Believe it or not, Google is their industry’s leading producer with over 90% of the search engine market share. 

People regularly consult Google to look for reviews and find local businesses. Learning to make use of SEO strategies for your website and Google Business Profile will show your business as one of the first when local consumers launch a Google search for what you offer. 

Consumers may decide to pay your website a visit after finding your Google Business Profile, so it’s important to include the right link in your profile. You also want to use specific keywords in the content of your site so Google can understand your business and rank you accordingly.

Why are SEO & web design important in digital marketing?

When your website contains sufficient SEO, more people will be able to find it which helps to improve brand awareness and increase brand recall.

Users on Google are diving into SERPs with impressionable minds. The design of your website is an opportunity to entice them, but this can only be done if people can find you. If your website is lacking adequate SEO, they won’t be able to.

Google Business Profile Optimization

Take control of your digital marketing approach. Follow the money to Google Business Profile Optimization.

Anyone who uses Google to look for local businesses is familiar with this feature. Anytime someone makes a local discovery search, they are first presented with Google Business Profile listings. If you’ve ever searched for a certain type of business in close proximity to you on Google, you have seen these listings.

Creating a profile gives businesses a convenient way to display all pertinent information to people inquiring. Make sure your address, phone number, and hours of operation are accurate across social media, your website, and this Google Business Profile. This assists Google in making you more discoverable. 

Remember to fill in as much information the listing will allow for to further increase your chances of sitting at the top of search results. Investing in Google Business Profile optimization is an easy and efficient way to increase sales to your local community.

It takes a lot to run a business. It takes even more to run a successful one. 

Don’t try to juggle all the hats yourself. Our Google Business Profile optimization services at 11 Marketing + Design are award winning and have turned small businesses into top competitors in their local industry all by improving their digital marketing efforts.

Powerful Ranking Method for Google Business Profiles that Works!
Full-scale web design goes above and beyond for your business.

Web Design

A major player in how successful a business comes to be is the experience they provide to consumers both online and in store. When guests come to your store, they expect a welcoming atmosphere. This goes for your website, too. 

When you focus on the satisfaction of your customers, you can generate an influx of business through recurring customers as well as referrals and reviews.

Your website will be a lot of consumers’ first interaction with you. This is where they determine whether or not your business is credible based on the capabilities of your site. 

This isn’t really a conscious thing. People just make judgements based on the information given to them.

For example, if your website isn’t capable of adjusting its formatting to a phone or tablet screen, consumers will believe you are behind the times and not capable of handling the task they need completed.

Online presence is a form of communication. If you aren’t communicating right with consumers through your digital marketing strategies, they will look elsewhere for what they need.

Responsive Web Design

Web design encompasses a scope of features needed in order to keep up with the times. How well your website responds to a phone screen is just one of those things. 

Users should have an easy time navigating through your website despite the screen they are viewing it from.

The layout should be positioned so that users don’t have to pinch the screen to read content or have difficulty clicking buttons and links. 

The three main types of screen we format our websites to fit are desktop, tablet, and smartphone since they are the most common Internet accessible devices. 

Retain more mobile website visitors with responsive web design.

ADA Compliance

People with visual disabilities use technologies on their devices to understand information accessed on the Internet. If your website isn’t compatible with these technologies, you are out of ADA compliance. 

Websites that are inaccessible to the blind are targets for lawsuits and can develop poor reputations for discriminatory. 

The courts have ruled time and time again that ADA compliance extends to businesses websites since it is part of their public offering.

Ensuring ADA compliance is a necessary step in web development. The last thing you want to do is exclude a group of people from any facet of your business much less face a lawsuit because of it


Whether you have a physical storefront or not, selling products online is a great way to start or grow your business. 

E-commerce is nothing new, but with the COVID-19 pandemic, people increasingly began shopping online since they were unable to do so in-store.  

Opening an online store is a great move for businesses with a physical location.

Not only does this allow them to offer products to a larger service area, but it also reduces costs.

Using a variety of platforms, we customize your e-commerce website to fit your exact wants and needs while implementing the best SEO practices to get you visible.

Company branding to make you come out on top


Any kind of business can benefit from a branding strategy, but this is oftentimes overlooked by a lot of people when launching their digital marketing campaign. 

Most people understand how important it is to develop an identity for their business in order to draw in customers and build a good rapport with them. Branding helps to put a personality to your business that people can relate to. 

Your brand will make you a distinct competitor of your industry. It will show people who you are, what you stand for, and how you do business. 

Enforcing a brand identity through your digital marketing efforts will go a long way in establishing your reputation. 

Using graphic design to better connect and communicate with targeted audiences on social media helps build brand recall and recognition. An eye-catching logo design also helps. 

Successfully build a brand with 11 Marketing + Design. We’ll guide you through every step of the way.

Graphic Design

Your presence on the Internet needs to be visual. People respond best to visual cues and will be more inclined to listen to what you have to say if you can show them something worth looking at. 

Since visuals can be processed a lot faster than text, we can better remember the things we see. In digital marketing, you have a split second to draw in the wandering eyes of consumers. 

Graphic design is helpful in creating expertly crafted visuals to represent a business in its digital marketing campaign. Whether on social media or in a brochure, professional graphic design will set you apart.

Logo Design

 We remember things best when given to us in the form of visual information. Logos are a great way to latch on to the minds of impressionable consumers and cultivate brand recall.

Your logo should do a number of things. It should tell people what you do, show them who you are, and demonstrate your ability to perform. Crafting your logo to symbolize all these aspects will drive the right people your way.

The main purpose of your logo is to represent your business in a unique and distinctive way. This helps you to communicate professionalism and stand out from competitors.

Social Media Design

As humans, we all want to feel part of something. Most people do this by staying connected to friends, family, artists, celebrities, and brands on social media.

Social media is an excellent way to showcase your brand’s individuality and build rapport in your market.

Your social profiles can be expertly tailored to focus on specific groups of people making it easy to promote your business to its target market.

Utilizing different social platforms will enhance a business’ digital marketing efforts and bring in new customers while maintaining repeating ones.