Personalized Digital Marketing Strategies

Feeling like your business is at a standstill can be frustrating. You want to be able to offer your goods and services to a wider range of people, but where do you start? A number of studies have shown just how effective the use of digital marketing can be for businesses looking to grow. We offer services catered to each of our clients individual needs and specialize in developing their business online for an even wider reach.

Needing a website designed with the latest SEO strategies in digital marketing? You are in the right place! Does your logo need some updating? Our award winning graphic design team can take care of that for you. Want use your updated logo on some promotional items to pass out? We can order whatever it is you need with your brand new logo designed by the pros at 11 Marketing + Design.

Google is the most visited website in the world making SEO one of the top methods of digital marketing among businesses.


One of the biggest ways people look for local businesses is by searching on the Internet, and according to research done by HubSpot, 75% of Internet users do not scroll past the first page of search results… ever.

What does that mean for businesses who don’t even show up on the first page?

Rarely these days can many businesses solely rely on word of mouth to survive. This can be true for a few exceptions, but for the majority it isn’t so easy.

The good news is that technological developments and the rise of digital marketing have made the Internet one of the most efficient ways to reach your target market without lifting a finger.

Competition across every market exists. To compete, your website, and more importantly your Google Business Profile, will need to be ranked in a top position on relevant search engine result pages.

This is especially true for businesses within an extremely competitive local industry. Dominate your market by developing a superior SEO strategy.

Stand out from the competition

If you are serious about beating your competitors out of intentional clients, the only way to do it is through implementing a digital marketing campaign complete with local SEO, technical SEO, and Google Business Profile Optimization.

A higher rank shines a spotlight on businesses. When users want what you have and launch a search on Google to see where they can find it, you want to be the first one presented to them.

We call this the right of first refusal which means businesses who maximize their digital marketing efforts by taking the steps to optimize their online presence will have the first opportunity to take on or turn down a client.

Why would someone turn down a client?

With an optimized website and Google Business Profile, the amount of phone calls and inquiries a business receives can get overwhelming.

We’ve had clients ask us to put their campaigns on hold due to the influx of business as a result. How cool is it to have so many clients that it’s impossible to take on more?

Online Presence expands your audience

Google has experienced a huge jump in usage since its creation and continues to bring in more users than any other search engine.

People regularly will consult Google to look for reviews and to see what places near them that have what they need available.

Google ranks websites and Google Business listings based on two factors: relevance and proximity. Including relevant information about the goods or services you provide as well as the areas you serve will direct consumers ready to make a purchase to you.

SEO for digital marketing

A website is basically your virtual storefront. When it contains SEO techniques to increase the amount of people who come across it, you improve brand awareness by leaving an imprint on their minds.

You always want to leave an impression on people through the design of your website, but if it lacks the proper SEO, people won’t be able to find it.

Google Business Profile Optimization

Follow the money and take control of your digital marketing approach through Google Business Profile Optimization.

A Google Business Profile is one of the most under-utilized tools to beef up online presence and bring in intentional shoppers.

This feature on Google acts as a one-stop informational hub business owners can use to give consumers as much information possible.

Things like your location, phone number, and hours of operation are displayed in this listing alongside an open forum allowing past and existing customers to leave reviews.

Businesses who have included as much information as possible will appear more favorable to Google and receive a higher rank on relevant searches.

A easy and effective way to rise to the top of applicable listings is to invest in Google Business Profile Optimization.

As a business owner, you know there are not many facets of running a business can be neglected. A solid digital marketing strategy is one of these things.

Our award winning Google Business Profile campaign here at 11 Marketing + Design is a proven method of driving an excess in business any company’s way.

Powerful Ranking Method for Google Business Profiles that Works!
Full-scale web design goes above and beyond for your business.

Web Design

A website that consumers can easily digest and navigate through is one that will retain the most visitors. Giving your audience a pleasant experience should be a priority both in person and virtually.

Having satisfied guests increases your likelihood of creating recurring customers and attracting new ones who’ve heard about how great you are.

Believe it or not, the structure and design of your website will determine if people find your business credible or not.

People will jump to conclusions about your business based on snap judgements they have about your website.

Showing that you care about the user experience by tailoring your website to accommodate their most basic needs will give consumers a sense of trust among your brand. 

As the online hub of your business, your website should look and feel unique to you and be accessible to everyone.

Up your digital marketing game by incorporating premium SEO practices to watch your ranking sore.

Responsive Web Design

Countless factors go into the creation of a website. The mobile responsiveness of said website is just one of these things.

Ensuring the navigability of your website across the differing screen sizes and proportions of Internet accessible devices is crucial to retain visitors. 

Varying technologies have made it so web designers must heavily consider how a website will appear to those viewing it from tablets and smartphones in addition to the traditional desktop view. 

One of the top reasons users will click out of a website is because of how difficult the pages are to digest and navigate.

Don’t let a lack of responsiveness keep customers away by using a professional web designer who knows the importance of responsive design.

ADA Compliance

Don’t overlook those with disabilities. Follow ADA compliant standards when creating your website to accommodate and serve a larger customer base. 

Target was hit with a 6 million dollar class-action lawsuit for having a button containing colored text that was unreadable to people with color blindness.

You see, your website is part of your business’ public offering which legally means it must follow ADA compliant guidelines.

In order for your website to be considered ADA compliant, software that works with aids such as screen readers or keyboard navigation systems are required to be in place as well as a number of other elements.

Having an ADA compliant website gives you the benefit of avoiding potential lawsuits while also reaching a wider audience. 


Online storefronts are becoming more popular than ever with the use of social media and increase in online shopping.

E-commerce is extremely convenient making it some peoples preferred method of shopping. 

The ease online shopping provides makes it easier to persuade customer’s purchases and lead them where you want them to go. 

Using a variety of platforms, we customize your online store to fit your exact wants and needs and implement the latest SEO practices to make you easily findable.

Having a physical storefront sometimes is not enough. E-commerce has shown to be a cost effective way to sell to customers while cutting costs making it a popular trend among storeowners. 

Company branding to make you come out on top


Starting a business is not something everyone can do. While a lot of the aspects can be extremely gratifying, they can also take a lot of time and effort to build.

This includes the brand identity created to distinctly represent the business which is something that is often overlooked.

It might not be something people consider when they decide to open up shop, but in a competitive industry, the only way to survive is to stand out among the crowd.

Your brand identity will come from a variety of things such as your logo, digital marketing efforts, and anything that is put out for public consumption that is representative of your business. 

Understanding the importance of branding is lost on so many, but the ones clever to its influence are the ones that will prosper among their competitors. 

If you are one of these people looking to transform your business into a success, come to the experts at 11 Marketing + Design to put you ahead of the competition.  

Graphic Design

The first step in building a brand identity is to have graphics to represent your business in both physical and digital marketing campaigns.

Humans are programmed to remember more of what we see and less of what we read, so one of the best ways to communicate ideas to the world is through this kind of visual information.

By utilizing powerful visuals, companies are able to attract and hold the attention of an onlookers in person and on the Internet. 

Using graphics to convey your businesses purpose, values, and passions is a highly effective way to cultivate brand recall.

Logo Design

When most people think of starting a business, something that often goes overlooked is the logo.

Your logo will take on a few different responsibilities such as telling people who you are, making you individually identifiable, and building credibility among your brand.

The main purpose of your logo is to be uniquely representative of your business in particular. Remember, this will be the symbol people use to identify you across your material and digital marketing efforts.

With the help of a professional, your logo can be designed to illustrate everything that is needing to be communicated in order to bring customers in.

Social Media Design

As humans, we all want to feel part of something. One way a lot of people do this is by staying connected to their friends and family, as well as their favorite artists, celebrities, and brands.

Social media is an excellent way to showcase your brand’s individuality and build rapport in your market.

The construction of your social profiles can be easily tailored to focus on specific groups of people making it easy to promote your business to its target market.

Utilizing different social platforms is a great digital marketing strategy to keep and create customers.