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Responsive Website Design is the process of building a website to be compatible with any device. We design websites on a flexible grid that expands and contracts to render on any screen size. Responsive design is a MUST in this day and age.

Why is Responsive Web Design a necessity?

Responsive design ensures a positive user experience, no matter how they are viewing your website. It is the ultimate readability solution for web content. No more screen pinching. No more side scrolling. Only clean, readable content.

Users make design judgements within the first second of viewing your site. If your website doesn’t render correctly, you lose that viewer’s trust and their business.
Implementing Responsive Design does more than make your site mobile friendly, it also improves your rankings in search engines.

What users love, Google loves. Google rewards mobile friendly websites by ranking them higher in mobile search results. These bonus rankings are increasingly important as mobile search becomes the standard.
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