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Skip the sweet talk and guide consumers who are ready to purchase what you have to offer straight to your door. The growth of the Internet and search engines, mainly Google, has made bringing customers to you easier than ever. The majority of smartphone users regularly use their mobile devices to search for local businesses or look up reviews on popular social apps. This means, investing in the development of your online presence through digital marketing can expand your reach and effortlessly grow your business.

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Search engine optimization, or SEO, gives businesses the opportunity to directly target consumers with an intent to purchase. It has proven to be one of, if not *the* number one way to increase ROI. More than likely, your top competitors are using SEO to rank high on Google. While there are several search engines available for use around the globe, Google owns 90% of the search engine market share. Every search engine has their own set of favored guidelines they follow to rank websites, but since Google is the one most people use, it is most important to uphold their standards in your digital marketing efforts.

Google Business Profile Optimization

Since Google is *the* top player in the search engine game, it can easily be used to drive business directly to you. Google created a tool for the discovery of local businesses called Google Business, formerly Google My Business. Business owners can use this to their advantage through Google Business Profile optimization which will result in a higher rank for your business listing when people in your service area search for what you offer. Being listed in top positions across the map pretty much guarantees your success. Users rarely, if ever, click past the first page of search results, and are more than likely to pick either the first, or one of the first things shown to them. Rank at the top with Google Business Profile Optimization.
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Local SEO

The two things Google looks for when ranking your website and Google Business Profile are relevance and proximity. This is so that when people in your service area make searches that pertain to your business, you will show up as an option for them. Using local SEO makes it so that consumers looking for what you sell can easily find you. People first consult the Internet when looking for businesses near them, and Google as a means of local business discovery is the go-to for most consumers looking to purchase things locally. People want to support their local economy by buying from businesses that are located in their community. Position yourself to be found.

Technical SEO

SEO is an essential part of any website’s build whether it be integrated within the content or behind-the-scenes in the structure. The technical aspects to creating a website can be intimidating for some people to want to take on given that less than 1% of the world’s population is well-versed in the language. The good news is we are part of that 1%. The structure of your website should be built using technical SEO strategies favored by Google. Things like ADA compliance and responsive design contribute to how well Google ranks a website. These factors are incorporated into the structure of the website for the most part and failing to include them will result in a rank that is stuck at the bottom.

Website Design

A website serves as the virtual hub, face, and storefront of a business. As a business owner, the look, feel, and usefulness of your website should directly reflect the experience you want to give to your customers. Think about it how you would a physical store. When customers walk in, you want it to be welcoming and accommodating so that they stick around for a minute and check out what you have to offer. Professional website design does this for you virtually. This is important to consider since a large number of people will look at your website to decide if they even want to visit your store or purchase your products/services.

Responsive Web Design

Websites today must be made to fit the proportions of any screen. This is accomplished through responsive web design. As the number of smartphone and tablet users continues to increase more so than it already has, the need for responsive web design is even more serious. No one who uses a phone to access a site only designed for desktop computers is going to stay. They will immediately click right back out of it and move on to your competitor. Consumers use their phones more than computers to search for local businesses. If your website does not cater to them, they will not want to do business with you.

ADA Compliance

A business’ website is considered part of its public offering and therefore must follow ADA compliant guidelines. When you hear “ADA compliance” you probably think of wheelchair ramps, accessible bathroom stalls, and properly placed handrails. These things are required for businesses to implement in their physical storefront in order to be ADA compliant. ADA compliance for websites means making sure your website has the ability to work with screen readers, keyboard navigation systems, and other things the visually and physically impaired must use in order to navigate the web. Following ADA guidelines also comes with its own benefits, so make sure your website has everything it needs to be compliant.

E-Commerce Websites

When your business operates completely online and you have no physical storefront, the design of your website is crucial to your success. E-commerce website’s should focus even more on the user experience than other websites since online sales are the main form of revenue. An unappealing site will drive business away. Here at 11 Marketing + Design, we work with a variety of platforms to host e-commerce websites. Depending on the industry you are in, we can choose the right web hosting provider and customize your website to your heart’s desire.


Putting a personality behind your business is an excellent way to appeal to consumers, but how do you do this? There are a number of ways to communicate your message to the public such as through your logo design, the visuals you put on display, and the look of your social media pages. People want to relate to the businesses they buy from and contract out, and the most effective way to do this is through branding.

Graphic Design

Attaching beautifully designed graphics to your business is an efficient way to drive traffic to your website, and more importantly, your store. Using visuals to appeal to consumers will grab their attention and leave more of an impression on them. Since humans remember more of what they see than anything else, graphic design is a super important part of any business’ branding strategy. A good graphic designer can truly encapsulate what needs to be said about your business in one design which is your logo. While logo design is also extremely important, the content you post to social media pages will also need to include eye-catching graphics to pull in anyone who sees it.

Logo Design

Since the 1870s, logos have been an integral part of developing a brand identity and cultivating brand recall among consumers. A good logo design can take your business to the next level and show people you are serious about what you do. By investing in professional logo design, you are telling the world you care about how your business is presented. This fosters a deep sense of trust in your business because consumers will assume that if you put that much effort into designing your logo, you will put the same amount of effort into your services. Your logo will come across many peoples’ eyes on all your promotional materials, business cards, social media posts, and so much more. It needs to stand out.

Social Media Design

Social media has become a large part of many people’s daily lives making it a huge target for advertising and marketing campaigns. When scrolling through different apps, users will pass more pieces of marketing material and more paid ads than they probably realize. Paid ads have been shown to generate some business, but something much more worthwhile is social media design and management. Your social profiles can be leveraged to showcase everything about your business to your target market when designed and managed correctly. Knowing the ins-and-outs of managing pages can be confusing, but trained professionals know how to, when to, and what to post to generate the most engagement and drive the most business. 

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Lubbock Independent School District serves about 85.5 square miles in Lubbock County, Crosby County, and Lynn County. It is composed of 62 different campuses with three alternative programs and two special purpose as well as four early childhood, 37 elementary, 11 middle, and five high schools. There are five high schools within the district including Coronado High School, Estacado High School, Lubbock High School, Monterey High School, and Talkington School for Young Women Leaders.

Coronado High School receives their students from Irons Middle School and Mackenzie Middle School. Students at Dunbar Middle School are the only ones in Estacado High School’s attendance zone. Cavazos Middle School and Hutchinson Middle School students will go to Lubbock High School. Atkins Middle School, Evans Middle School, and O.L. Station Middle School all feed into Monterey High School.


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Frenship ISD

Frenship Independent School District is located to the west of Lubbock in Wolfforth, TX and is made up of 14 different elementary, middle, and high schools including Frenship High School, Frenship 9th Grade Center, and Reese Education Center.

Other school districts in the area

Lubbock-Cooper Independent School District – 79423, Lubbock County

Roosevelt School District – 79403, Lubbock County

Abernathy Independent School District – 79311, Lubbock County, Hale County

Shallowater Independent School District – 79363, Lubbock County

Idalou Independent School District – 79329, Lubbock County

Levelland Independent School District – 79336, 79338, Hockley County

Ropes Independent School District – 79358, Hockley County

Petersburg Independent School District – 79250, Hale County

Slaton Independent School District – 79364, Lubbock County

New Deal Independent School District, 79350, 79403, Lubbock County

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