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Continuity is king when it comes to creating a name for yourself in the online world. We not only handle the different facets of online business development for our clients, when it’s requested, we teach them. It’s more important to us to empower our clients and grow with them as they continue their endeavors. Of course, if you need help, we have a number of different plans to keep your costs affordable while still working toward your long term goals.

Why choose 11 Marketing + Design?

We customize your visual assets and help brand your business with our 40 years of experience. Not only do we act as an ambassador to your brand, but we make sure that you gather the benefit of our experience working with a wide variety of other businesses. We love helping businesses thrive and helping you create new opportunities is a huge part of that.

We offer a variety of services which makes us kind of a Swiss Army Knife for your business

What is Online Business Development (OBD)?

Online business development is what we call our entire range of services that we provide. After almost 40 years, we have created a program that represents each step along the path to success for start up businesses and veteran businesses alike.

Market Research
It doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to tell you if you have a business idea that won’t work. The real challenge lies in finding a business idea to fit a need and learning to make it marketable. Market research and building a long term marketing strategy before you ever open your doors is the key to saving on costly mistakes or just pursuing bad ideas to start with.

Logo Design
Everything that we do, starts with how your business looks. Often times, it’s based on your logo design. When you create a logo, you set a visual tone of expectation for every prospective and existing customer. 

Graphic Design
This is where we take your business motif a step further. With graphic design we start mixing in complimentary visual elements and really rounding out the feel of your business. Years of our experience synthesize your message into a clear communication with your customers. This is the phase where your marketing collateral is developed should your business need it. We have over 80 different printing vendors across the nation that each have their own specialty. Through our business relationships, we often get pricing that is unavailable to the public.

Website Design
When it comes to this stage, we truly love what we do. The internet is changing rapidly and building websites up to the latest standards in technology is no small task. Building a mobile responsive website is essential to your online success. Website Design is a vital step in a huge direction.

Local SEO
It’s super easy to say you’re in business, but it’s a little tricky to do the same thing online in a way that will serve you in the long term. We coach several clients on how to do this themselves, but for the more faint of heart, we offer these services a la carté to fit most any budget. For better long term returns, using Local Search Engine Optimization can save your business thousands on advertising. We do the research and build custom plans to fit.

Cost per Click Advertising
Also known as CPC Advertising, this form of advertising can be highly valuable for generating a sustainable revenue model. There are a number of platforms out there for marketing pretty much any kind of business. We can advise, coach, consult, or just handle your account depending on your needs.

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