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Commanding the attention of the consumer is easier than ever. The Internet and major search engines like Google have single-handedly taken over the way people find businesses. Utilizing visual compelling elements in both digitally presented content like social media posts and physically printed materials like promotional items can promote brand awareness and drive sales.

Needing a website designed with the latest SEO strategies in digital marketing? You are in the right place! Does your logo need some updating? Our award winning graphic design team can take care of that for you. Want use your updated logo on some promotional items to pass out? We can order whatever it is you need with your brand new logo designed by the pros at 11 Marketing + Design.

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SEO Services

Search engine optimization is used to boost traffic to a website. When properly implemented, it allows businesses to position themselves at optimal spots on applicable search engine results pages (SERPS). SEO has been found to be the highest driver of ROI than any other strategy of marketing, and since the vast majority of users won’t even be bothered to look past the first page, businesses who know the importance of SEO will be the top competitors in their industry.

Google Business Profile Optimization

Google has become the preferred way of finding business recommendations. With billions of searches being made a day, almost half are dedicated to the discovery of local businesses. By using this fact to your advantage and employing our services to optimize your Google Business Profile, your business will be positioned to make more sales. Harnessing the full power of your GBP can lead to an astounding growth in relevance and encourage Google to show your listing as one of the first, so you can dominate your industry’s local Google Business listings. Aside from appearing highly visible to prospective customers, an optimal GBP ranking can give businesses a more credible essence.
Powerful Ranking Method for Google Business Profiles that Works!

Local SEO

Becoming relevant to your local community is the first step in launching any business. A good way to do this is by investing in Local SEO strategies for the area of Amarillo. The number of people who use Google to find new, local businesses surpasses any other method of discovery. Queries made on Google using the phrase “near me” have grown and continue to grow considerably each year. By strategically implementing Local SEO, a huge market of individuals who have a strong intent to buy what you are selling will be shown your website when they make relevant searches. Putting your business in front of people that are actively looking to make a purchase is the most efficient way to drive steady business.

Technical SEO

Not everyone understands or has the time to learn how to sufficiently develop the infrastructure of a website, but making sure your website is embedded with Technical SEO functions in its build can take your overall SEO strategy to the next level. Technical aspects of websites can be modified to encourage a more favorable rank due to factors like a good structure, accessibility, and responsive design. Search engine bots and crawlers positively identify certain features of a website and categorize them accordingly. The more technically optimized a website is, the easier bots can crawl and index information within them. When search engines can find and make themselves accurately aware of the information your website provides, they can better present it to users in need of that information.
Amarillo Website Design

Web Design

A website is a multifaceted tool businesses can use to attract, inform, and sell to consumers. When a website is designed and developed in a professional manner, businesses can give off a better impression of themselves and build a good reputation among their market. Designing a website encompasses a wide skill set, so why not focus your attention on your business and leave the web design to us?

Responsive Web Design

The way your website appears on screens other than those of laptops and computers can be a determining factor in how well it retains visitors. Mobile devices are now the most used method of accessing the Internet to make organic searches on Google. People expect websites to be accessible and user-friendly regardless of the device they are viewing it on. If it isn’t, visitors will click out of that website as quickly as they opened it. That means, if you’ve taken the time to optimize your website to appear in a high ranking, but are lacking a design that is responsive, your SEO efforts are basically for nothing. To ensure a greater return on your investments, appoint us to implement a responsive design into the build of your website.

ADA Compliance

An excellent way to target and reach a larger audience is by tailoring your website to meet ADA compliance guidelines. Internet access is not limited to people who have their sight or hearing. The physically and visually impaired are equipped with tools such as screen readers, keyboard navigation systems, and speech recognition software that allow them to surf the web. Some websites fail to incorporate software that allows for the smooth operation of these tools which isolates an entire group of people from accessing its content. Using tools to make your website compatible with these requirements will not only give more people the ability to access your website, but it will help improve its Technical SEO. Not to mention, you could avoid a legal battle in doing so.


A well designed website should be important to any business owner, but if your business is solely based online, it should be the priority. E-commerce is a growing way for people to purchase products and businesses to sell. Putting your goods online for people to buy at the click of a button is a great way to increase customer satisfaction while cutting costs, but if your website doesn’t accommodate users, you could be seriously harming the integrity of your business. We design e-commerce websites with the end user in mind because if users are unable to navigate a website with ease, they will move on to the next one.


Your brand is what consumers will use to identify and relate with your business. Connecting with your target market is pivotal in cultivating loyal customers and a solid recall of your brand. The idea of building your brand might sound a bit terrifying to you and that is completely understandable. A lot of elements go into a good, solid branding strategy and here at 11 Marketing + Design we have all the tools

Graphic Design

To encapsulate your brand and communicate your messages, well-designed visual elements are a necessity. Skilled graphic design can accurately portray the ideas you want to attach to your business. Since the average person finds pictures more compelling than words, visuals that grab the attention of the viewer are more effective at imprinting on the susceptible minds of consumers. Visual content you put out through social media, advertisements, promotional items, and more should be both attention grabbing and authentic as well as representative of your brand.

Logo Design

A logo serves a load of different purposes for a business. Alongside helping to showcase the quality of work you do, your logo can solidify a good reputation for your brand and give your business a sense of memorable individuality. Some of the highest profiting companies aren’t necessarily those with the best reputation, but they are the most talked about and well known. Logo design is an essential step in cultivating a brand identity. A lot can be communicated through a logo, so make sure yours says all you want it to say.

Social Media Design

With the use of social media, businesses can connect with their customer base, entice new consumers, build brand awareness and loyalty, and gather helpful insights. Using various social media platforms to identify with both current and potential customers is a great way to form positive experiences and improve your reputation. Posting appropriate content that is engaging and relevant can increase consumer interactions resulting in more sales, and who doesn’t want that? Take control of your business’ social media presence and let us create meaningful content for you!

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Amarillo Independent School District encompasses approximately 70 miles of land between Potter County and Randall County in the Texas Panhandle. The district is made up of 56 different elementary, middle, high, alternative, and career & technology schools including Amarillo High School, Caprock High School, Palo Duro High School, and Tascosa High School.

Both Crockett Middle School and Bonham Middle School feed into Amarillo High School. Caprock High School’s students primarily come from Bowie Middle School and Fannin Middle School. Mann Middle School and Travis Middle School feed into Palo Duro High School. The most densely populated high school in Amarillo is Tascosa High School with three middle schools, including Austin Middle School, Houston Middle School, and de Zavala Middle School, feeding into it.


79015 & 79016

Canyon ISD

Canyon Independent School District is made up of 23 different elementary, middle, and high schools. This includes Canyon High School, Randall High School, and West Plains High School.

Canyon ISD also has career and technology academies as well as two alternative education schools.

Other School Districts Within & Nearby

River Road Independent School District – 79108, located in north central Potter County and serves a northern portion of Amarillo past Loop 335.

Highland Park Independent School District (Amarillo, TX) – 79108, serves eastern Potter

County and typically anything east of Whitaker Road.

Bushland Independent School District – 79012, Potter County

Panhandle Independent School District – 79068, Carson County

Happy Independent School District – 79042, Swisher County

Boys Ranch Independent School District – 79010, Oldham County

Claude Independent School District – 79019, Armstrong County

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