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In today’s business climate, you need an arsenal of visual tools to help your clients understand what you can do. 65% of the world’s population are considered visual learners. That means that 65% of the people that find you on the web or out in the world are going to be instantly tuning in to what you have to offer based on what you put in from of them. Whether it is your website, your logo, brochures, or any of your other marketing materials, your opportunity lies in what you present.

Why choose 11 Marketing + Design?

We’ve been building visual reputations and helping brand businesses across the nation for almost 40 years. When you decide to work with us, you’re not just getting the value of our expertise and years of experience, you’re getting an ambassador for your business. Our passion stems from helping businesses thrive and networking plays a huge role in that.

We offer a variety of services which makes us kind of a Swiss Army Knife for your business

Why not use a website builder?

There are literally hundreds of reasons! At the end of the day, you’re just a number to every single one of them. We’ve seen the big website builder services take advantage of small businesses for years. Whether you are using Godaddy Website Builder, Squarespace, Wix, Shopify, or any of their competitors, you are ALWAYS going to find yourself at their mercy for a variety of reasons.

You only rent your code and will never own it. You’ve worked hard to build your business so why would you place the heartbeat of it in the hands of a third party that doesn’t truly value it?

The SEO markup is misery at it’s finest. We’ve seen every single one of these services perform miserably in regards to their search engine rankings. It’s not fair that you should spend so much time trying to build your online presence to find out later that the service you chose is making terrible decisions on your behalf in terms of code performance.

The biggest dilemma these services create lies in the fact that you are no longer supporting your local business culture. Almost half of the jobs in our world today are provided by small businesses just like yours. Why would you want to support something that doesn’t really serve you or your local community.

We want you to succeed and we especially love an underdog story which is why we specialize in small businesses and startups. We can help you level your playing field without relying on these other companies that just put you in a stranglehold for your hard-earned dollars.

Bottom line is that you need professional help that can fit your budget. There’s no need to place some of the most important features of your business into the hands of a service that doesn’t have your best interest in mind. 11 Marketing + Design has a variety of different methods of working with clients ranging from lump sum payments to lower monthly retainers. Our goal is to make you successful without breaking the bank (period).

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